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Lace Days


Many of our members enjoy attending the lace days of other groups in the area. Our last Lace Day was in 2010, and we have decided not to arrange another one at present

We have arranged days for Lace and Crafts in Lavenden Village Hall on 25th April 2020 and 19th September 2020 from 10am till 4pm, costing £5 each They are ticket only events .

Please follow the link for tickets if you are interested. These are ticket only events .

  Below are some photographs taken at our recent lace and crafts event which was well attended as usual  
Following each Lace Day we donate the raffle money to a good cause, and last time we divided the money between an owl box at a local farm and a contribution towards refurbishment of the Olney Church Bells
Owl Box
Nick with Woodpecker

Above is a picture of our owl box in situ and Nick showing us a woodpecker, which he was ringing when we visited the farm for a tour. Although the residence has not appealed to any owls, as of May 2011 we are informed that Jackdaws have taken a fancy to our box and are nurturing chicks.

Below are the Olney Church Bells being delivered back to the Church for re installation

Olney Bells
At one of our Lace Days Lilian Harper gave a very informative talk on Victorian Beadwork and brought many beautiful samples for us to see.

Lilian Harper
Lilian Harper speaking

On another occasion the speaker was Margaret Tite who brought Victorian costumes for us to admire. Audrey (our Chairman at the time) and Lesley (our Secretary) were asked to be 'models' and were dressed in the many layers of clothing a Victorian woman wore.
Audrey and Lesley
Visitors working
Visitors working

 Visitors working on their projects and socializing at
Stoke Goldington Village Hall, Sept. 2005

During the afternoon several visitors exercised their brains as well
as their hands and composed limericks which were read out at the end of the afternoon. Some are featured here.


There was a young lady called Grace
Her lace making was just a disgrace
Her fingers would fumble
Her threads were a jumble
But the lace she turned out was just ace

We've left the men folk behind
We are here for a stitch and some wine
The lace is a growing
Conversations are flowing
and we are booking a place for next time
Here are some of our members and visitors working at our recent get together in Denton Village Hall